Thursday, July 15, 2010

Falling for an Android

I just deleted several very eloquent paragraphs for this post because I have soooo much I want to say about this particular story, that I can't afford to dress it up with extraneous words.

The very simple back story:
  • iPhone 4 was announced
  • Simon said 'hey, you've been wanting a new gadget for a while, you should get an iPhone 4'.
  • I didn't protest, funny that
  • Simon brought home a loaner iPad to play with.
  • I was more impressed that I expected to be (and as Simon will attest, my expectations on technology are so high, the result is I'm rarely impressed)
  • I wanted that iPhone 4 more than ever
  • Simon brought home a loaner Google NexusOne Android to play with.
  • I played
  • He took it back
  • I pined
  • I bought a Google NexusOne Android. 3 days later. (and I was a little bit unbearable in my impatience I might add)
In a nutshell, during that weekend with the Android, I discovered a sleek, functional, usable device, with a boatload of free applications available for easy download, a price tag significantly lower than what I'd be facing with the Apple, and an ideology that I have of recent years become more and more a supporter of (working for an employer who is passionate about open standards will do that for you!)

There is essentially nothing I'd have got with the iPhone 4 that I don't get with the Android - with the exception of the Apple brand - an ommission which I'm more than comfortable with.

Like I've been doing with Open Office, I'm going to write a series of blogposts on my experience with the Android, tips and tricks, things I've learnt, things I'd like to see (I always want more when it comes to tech!), and as always, I'm also more than willing to try things out on request if you care to leave a comment.

Stay tuned!

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